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Channel Aid - Live in Concert 2023

Tomorrow Is Ours by Africa For The World in partnership with Channel Aid & Mastercard is now available in two limited edition 12" vinyls. When you buy the vinyls, you're also donating meals for children in need to the World Food Program!

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Artists x Channel Aid

I find it incredibly inspiring to see that there is a charity that focusses just on that! It´s amazing to be a part of this!

It was one of the best thing we have ever been involved in!

It´s absolutely beautiful to see kids taking it upon themselves to make a difference, and for "We Are The World" being the impetus to do it again...

Das Konzept von Channel Aid ist einfach unglaublich geil!

Ein großartiges Konzept! Wir haben tolle Kampagnen gemeinsam umgesetzt.